Friday 19 February 2016

Warhammer: Vermintide

Hexen mixed with Left 4 Dead.

The end of the world comes at the hands of ... the Skaven? Hmm. I guess if they carry the bubonic plague or something. Anyway, in this first person Warhammer game you can pick out of five playable characters: a soldier, elf, dwarf, mage and witch hunter; though only four will be present on any one mission (three played by bots if need be). The banter between them is pretty cool, letting the player learn about them as they too learn about each other. I believe this changes per mission, per difficulty level of which there are five.

Gameplay wise, it is very much L4D with swarms of enemies who have a few special units that show up from time to time - one that pounces, one that strangles, a really beefy one and so on. While thematically you might be sounding the alarm or finding food it also follows the same get from point A to point B on a big map that the zombie game uses. Still, that doesn't make it any less fun.

Just a few of the tools to kill the vermin with...

While ammo is pretty limited, all the characters are pretty competent in melee wherein you can use light or heavy attacks, parry and push which gains aggro. Obviously the weapons you decide to bring will dictate how you play too. Guns make more noise than bows and a rapier cuts faster but lighter than a two handed sword for example.

There is also a crafting component available at the inn hub, wherein you sacrifice five items to gain one better, similar item while crossing your fingers that the RNG gods give you something nice.  All up I quite like the game, give it three and a half emperors out of five,and recommend it to people who would be interested in a semi-dark ages L4D type game with no zombies. :P

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