Saturday, 27 February 2016

Riva: Is this Moria (Level 2)?

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

The only way to get to the stairs down was through a booby trapped tunnel set to collapse but Allison's keen eye spots it right away and lets the team traverse it with no issues. A smaller number of orcs waits below, along with some undead dwarves and what appears to be Darth's worst nightmare.

High Arachnophobia. It's a thing.

Despite his panic all the combat here is pretty straight forward and soon the team has run of the entire level, taking time out to even play an axe throwing game which somehow, Allison wins. Meanwhile Dalian proves he should never use thrown weapons.

I dunno, throwing an axe into stone seems pretty cool...

Now there's a real problem they encounter here: the only path further into the mine is blocked... supposedly by deadly traps as suggested by a nearly dead orc in the junction nearby but in reality it is made impassable by a corrupted file! With not much else they can do, the party returns to the surface - satisfied they killed all the orcs present. Just for good measure they also intentionally trigger that cave in near the stairs to trap any survivors that made it deeper in.

Hopefully there's nothing too important they missed in there that will stop the game later on...

What the corrupted file looked like? :P

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