Friday, 19 February 2016

Feb-Report: Aldnoah Master

Hey all! How is your February going? For those of you who enjoyed the Darklands of Arkania, I have good news: the story will continue soon - after I put up a couple more reviews. Thank you to those who helped out Louie too. I always wanted to try setup a Gofundme page, but that was definitely not one of the reasons I had in mind.

Just finished watching a series called Aldnoah Zero and I've gotta say it's a very nice mecha anime, complete with good music and well thought out bad guys because the bad guys have all the awesome mechs and the good guys are basically using crap. The first season is especially well done, not sure what happened to the plot in the second. While it still is entertaining I can't help but feel it would have been better had they gone a different way. Still recommended with three out of five Versian counts, and one I'd watch again.

Thanks to that I've also been finding some cool youtube artists that do English versions of anime songs. This parody one in particular for the opening of Aldnoah Zero is one you should listen to. :)

Gaming wise, Neverwinter continues plodding along though the devs are doing a good job of getting players from both XBOX and PC riled up into rebellion, particularly about the game turning into pay-to-win and edging closer to share the same fate as its predecessor. I've personally felt it's always been pay to win, and imagine I'm one of the few who have never spent any money on it in the first place to be that upset.

Still, the grind is monotonous so I break it up with Helldiving among other things. Last night, I soloed the Cyborg Master (the easiest boss) and much like the Versian Kataphrakts (Mechs) in Aldnoah, it was all about finding his weakness and exploiting it.

It was cool. :)

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