Monday, 15 February 2016

Star Trail: A Reward of Good Will

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

With the "stoned" dwarf in tow the team runs out the back exit of the dungeon and right to Elsurion Starlight, who whisks the team and the (stoned) dwarf Prince Ingramosh (since when was he a prince?) away on his boat! After tending to everyone's wounds and "thawing" the dwarven prince, the elf ambassador spends weeks in closed negotiations with the little fellow while the rest of the team relaxes at the elf village.

Victory... In a year or two, I guess?

For their heroic deeds the surviving party members: Braxwolf Storm, Allison Nexus, Dalian Tanker, Cooper Mantly (possibly still frothing at the mouth) and Wolfy Eyes (the only original member to survive the quest) get an audience with the legendary elf king.

It's a very "subtle" smile. Also, the words are really cut there. :P

Their reward is the King's protection and free travel across elven lands. Which pretty much is the same as "nothing" in the grand scheme of things. It's amazing that finding Grimring was actually a more profitable experience! Oh well. At least there is a celebration party for the alliance union - and so our heroes end this chapter the same way they began the quest. Getting absolutely drunk!