Monday 22 February 2016

Riva: Customer Service

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

At one of the local pubs the team learns that there's a fair bit going on in Riva: tales of a haunted watch tower, orcs occupying a nearby mine, a crazy wizard conducting experiments across the river and a shady organization called "the Guild" (thieves guild) that conducts business in the sewers where the local guards fear to tread. Ultimately the lead they first decide to tackle is much simpler: undead rising at the local graveyard.

It's all about customer service! :P

Upon entering the cemetery, detective Thorgrim immediately identifies a false grave - the very first one inspected, and with a little digging find a ladder down into the "tombs", which actually turns out to be a cozy underground house / laboratory. The undead are organized by type in pens and and are guarded by a golem each. Dutifully, the party destroys all of these vile creations easily though some do manage to get jump scares in.

What is it with Cooper and ghouls?

Whoever is running the show isn't home though, so Darth Targetter suggests they do the next best thing. They loot the place dry of any and all items, and set fire to the rest as a big F.U. to whoever was behind this mess. They speak to the grave-digger afterwards and he's not very helpful (bad at customer service remember?)  and Thorgrim begins suspecting him to be the mastermind. Unfortunately any proof they might have used against him has already gone up in smoke. 

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