Monday 29 February 2016

Riva: Level 0 Gumshoes

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

The next day the party is back on the streets where they learn there have been more murders in town. What better way to start an investigation by getting the lead investigator back? Yep, they find the dwarf Thorgrim (and his axe) back at his home - waiting like an excited puppy to be let back out and go adventuring so he rejoins the team.

Let's solve some crimes!

They don't get far before they get their first guild assignment though: one delivered by the local informant Tarik. They are to conduct a stake out on a suspected pirate in town. Yep, the guild doesn't like pirates and vice versa being business competitors and all.

Talking directly with the mark gets nowhere so the team takes turns over the next few hours doing nothing but hiding behind a single tree to watch his home. Eventually in the early hours of the morning the guy makes his move, with the seven man party tailing him. LOL.

It's not seven for very long though as the less dexterous party members begin lagging behind in the darkness. Dalian falls off a pier, Darth and Thorgrim walk into a lamp post (possibly same one), Allison trips over into some garbage, Cooper walks into a wall and Braxwolf uses his boots of speed right into thorny bushes.

Fortunately Wolfy Eyes manages to keep up, finds the house the mark went into and then after reassembling the team - bust in to find a pirate meeting in progress. Needless to say all the pirates are killed and a list naming other pirate conspirators is hand delivered to Tarik's house right after.

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