Saturday, 13 February 2016

Star Trail: The Devil You Know

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

With no weapons shop in town the party spends a few days getting their weapons repaired and purchasing some supplies from the local healer: a small batch of strength potions and a large amount of whirlweed (a HP restoring leaf). When they are finally all set they return to the vault where Wolfy, strengthened by a potion, is finally able to bust down those resilient doors. The statue they find behind one of the doors sends a shiver down Shintar's spine as she recognizes what cult they are dealing with here.

Apart from cultists and their trained war dogs there are also ghouls lurking the halls, which terrify Cooper Mantly.

I think Cooper needs to level a bit. :P

He should have been more worried about the tusk tigers in the much darker second "supply storage" level though. The tiger's chamber was right after a five section crossbow trap that badly injured the team and pretty much guaranteed no going back and forth from that point on. While the big cats were put down they did some damage of their own, and infected Cooper with a pretty bad malady.

Uh, I'm sure he'll be fine...

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