Thursday 25 February 2016

Riva: Stipen

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

After stripping the corpses of the drunkards and leaving the bodies to feed the vermin, the party comes across a wizarding academy in the woods along with one flustered student named Stipen who is seeking help to pass his final exams... which is technically cheating, but the party votes in favor anyway.

Assisting the hapless, level 1 wizard who quickly catches a cold from simply being outdoors turns out to be a simple treasure hunt type affair that helps explore the region which is bordered by the city to the West, a flooded river to the South, a forest to the North, and a mountain range to the East - which actually conceals the path to the nearby mine.

Stipen the coward refuses to go there though.

Near the end of the test, Stipen leads the team to some ridiculous boots with wings sticking out of a rockslide. Braxwolf tries to retrieve them but instead gets pulled into a small cave where he must duel the previous owner because... he's undead?

It's a tough fight too!

Ultimately, Braxwolf wins, collects the shoes (of speed) and returns Stipen to the university where he graduates. He does get a lot of magical gear for passing that test but the team decides the kid will need it more. Instead Stipen leaves them some potions and lets Braxwolf keep the dead man's shoes. With the coward gone the party decides to return to the mine that seems to have been broken into by force, if the smashed stone door at the entryway is any indication.

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