Tuesday 19 January 2016

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior

Free for those who have Shadow Warrior on Steam!

As a janitor working for Zilla, you arrive on the scene sometime after Lo Wang has gone through. Your mission: to mop up the blood, pick up the debris and dispose of the many body parts lying around (while pocketing some loose change *cough*). The janitor has some silly quips while going about his job but otherwise it's just a really odd, relaxing game with no combat - despite being in FPS format which sees you armed with rubber gloves, a mop, and a handheld clutter and blood detector.

Take that blood splatter!

There's only one map which means you'll probably finish pretty fast, if you are careful to rinse out your mop often and watch where you step and I think its a pretty good, and different, distraction for those willing to kill an hour or two. If you've gotten it free from steam you may as well give it a try. Otherwise no need going out of your way for it. I give it two and a half decapitated body parts leaking blood everywhere out of five. :)

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