Saturday 23 January 2016

Star Trail: The Salamander Stone

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

After much exploring the party finally reaches the deepest level where a hallway of magical lazer beams blocks the way. It quickly becomes clear that someone must disguise them self as an Ingerimm worshiper to pass and though Paeroka volunteers, her worsening illness of a fever with yellowish lips forces the team to choose a new candidate: Zubon, much to his annoyance.

Now dressed in ridiculous dwarf sized leathers, he goes alone through the lazer hallway and finally reaches a great forge where a massive, sledge hammer wielding golem awaits. Fortunately the construct is friendly, and even constructs a magical sword for him. The golem also happens to know about Star Trail, having been forged by the god Ingerimm himself as a gift to Phex but Zubon tunes out when he sees a peculiar shiny stone on a nearby shelf: their quest objective, the Salamander Stone.

Seeing his interest in the rock, the golem invites him to take it instead of the brand new magic sword. It's not much of a choice given the circumstances so Zubon accepts the deal and returns to the team with the Stone in his possession. They quickly ascend back up the levels to Finkerstoppen's local healer but even he cannot cure Paeroka's battlefield fever. For a moment they are unsure what to do when suddenly a figure appears on a nearby ridge.

Sure thing random person!

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