Monday 4 January 2016

Arkania: Mountain Ruins

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

It was on the path North of Rybon where Emmo led them. A chance encounter with a dying adventuress also gives them the location of the Daspota treasure, which happened to be a cave on the same road. The team opted to skip it though, as riches weren't what they needed right now. The added weight would have also made traversing the deadly pitfalls even harder.

Save vs Death or Save vs Illness. Easy choice.

Harpies also harass the adventurers as they continue higher up the mountains, and Shintar's initial worry that Emmo refused to wear plate armor (because elves are allergic to it I guess) was non founded. She made up for it with an exceptional dodge rate AND she too had combat magic! On top of her superior hunting skills this made her a very valuable ally. After many trials against nature, they finally found the ruins.

If only the text didn't cover the picture...

The inhabitants: mages and undead were ludicrously weak compared to what they had already been through just to get there. Even their leader, the thieving wizard only managed to knock Shintar out with some form of blob that sticks to one's face. Curian showed him the true meaning of magic and felled him with a single blast. Not only does this net them another map piece, but Paeroka also unlocks a chest with 500 ducats inside! Pleased at their efforts, they descended the cliffs on the other side and hit the nearest tavern to celebrate.

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