Saturday 30 January 2016

Star Trail: Thalen the Mage

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

In one section of the swamp the remaining party members find a strange, docile, swamp rantzy who happens to be wearing the signet ring of the soldier they were originally assigned to find. After checking on google what the hell to do (because it's no where near obvious), Shintar throws a net to capture it (the only time you can do that in the game). She then manages to carry the 500 pound thing in her pack for awhile until Thalen remembers to read the scroll they found at the sorcerer's tower: one about transformation to and from a swamp rantzy!

After performing a quick ritual the rantzy turns back into the soldier Agdan, who Wolfy promptly cures of disease and is nursed back to health at the safety of the lizard village and equipped with spare gear. During this time the lizard chief is thankful that the engulfer is no more and tells the party about Star Trail.

And it makes no sense.

The witch on the other hand is a different bag of crazy, rewarding the party by attacking them! Her wolf is easily put down but the old woman herself proves resilient with all her terror spells that send Wolfy and Shintar running like little girls. She's also proficient enough with her broom to knock out the two soldiers: Cooper and Agdan!

Ungrateful hag!

Ultimately it comes down to Thalen in a wizard vs witch duel, and in an epic moment of awesome, he turns the old hag into stone - winning the combat for the team. They all then raid her house and her herb garden in celebration before returning to Lowangen.

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