Friday 29 January 2016

Star Wars: The Force Awakens some Spoliers!

Four out of five lightsabers.

Since everyone and their dog has already reviewed this, I'm starting off with my final rating for a change (see above). This is a good movie, definitely better than the prequels. CGI is great, locations and sets are great, the acting is great. Lots of strange extra critters that didn't need to be in the movie? Great!

There are also good humor moments and of course an excellent sound track to go with it. I'm sure fans are already learning Rey's piano theme now. It is definitely worth watching for its own merits instead of just "so I know what's going on when Star Wars VIII comes out". I've already seen it twice! :)

There are however, some things that seemed a little off for me (highlight to read spoilers):

-It's a lot like episode IV. Not necessarily a bad thing, just a little odd.
-Rebel base: Everyone seems to be running for running's sake.
-Rebel base: Clearly ran out of copper paint for C3P0's arm.
-Orphan girl learns to be mechanic. Ok. Learns how to fight. Ok. Learns how to fly (outdated) starships? Uhhh.
-How long has the First Order been around? How long did it take them to build a base, with fully grown trees?
-How do said trees survive as base flies between two suns?
-What the heck were the rebels and the republic doing while the First Order base was being built?
-Lol chasm at the climax of the final fight. Plot device much?
-Speaking of Plot device: R2D2s convenient, unexplained awakening to let the story continue.
-No one would have escaped the formation of a new sun. That was a sudden end to the story huh.

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