Tuesday 26 January 2016

Star Trail: Forceful Entries

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

Town maps are always handy!

Lowangen is a pretty big place, and it takes a lot of leg work in trying to find anything in the city. Fortunately Paeroka somehow overcomes her illness on her own, but is permanently weakened by the experience. Eventually they find a man named Dragan who seems to have all the answers - only each answer requires a particular favor to be performed first - such as convincing the Vinsalter to help translate something and stealing a brooch from the local museum, a task Wolfy somehow manages to do without being detected despite making a lot of noise. These two acts serve as payment for finding Gavron, and finding a way back out of the city.

Not getting out the front way.

Apparently Gavron is known to frequent a nearby tavern but since the team never catches him there, they go looking for his "close acquaintance" instead: an elf named Ailan who lives in the Colorful Flight district. Who knew racial segregation could be so handy? Ailan's house is pretty well guarded though, so the party is forced to trade a number of the magical girdles they got from the Dwarven Pit for simple swords.

I think the armorer is into some kinky stuff.

Now armed, they bust into the queer elf's place and after a bloody battle where they kill everyone inside they recover a lot of food AND the Salamander Stone once again. Short on money and supplies the team then opts to go to Vindara Leechbromm's place to sell the magical stone (for the 1000 Ducat reward offered by the "bad guy" at the start) but find her to be unreceptive, shutting the door in their faces.

This is a bad move, for they are ADVENTURERS! The team busts down the door, executes everyone inside, and proceeds to take their stuff which inexplicably includes a second Salamander Stone!?

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