Saturday 2 January 2016

Arkania: Hermit's Lake

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

Back on the mainland the team decides to try find the thieving mage in the mountains, and seem to be on the right track when a large group of brigands jump them during the night. Alas the robbers had nothing to do with their prey, and neither did the cave full of goblins that they wandered into right after.

The brigands and goblins were nowhere near as difficult as the giant beetles in that cave, those critters simply didn't want to die. Humorously there was also a large pile of feces in one corner that the team had the option of searching through. I figured they were wealthy enough at that point to give it a miss.

Having crossed the mountains with no sign of the ruins, Wolfy suggested the team try for Hermit's lake next - and on the way there they ran across a Unicorn who seemed to "talk" to Curian - by stabbing him a little with its horn. The mage was all a fluster afterwards, proclaiming the mystical horse would somehow find a treasure map piece and bring it to them.


The team waits around at Hermit Lake for a few days, patrolling the shores. Zubon is getting good at collecting herbs now, but not as good as Curian. Unfortunately a swampy marsh at one end of the lake seems intent on robbing the party of various items (like plate armor) while crossing it.

Fortunately most of these are replaceable by Nerk's old set. How Zubon managed to fit into dwarf armor is best left unexplained. Eventually the team votes to move on since the Unicorn doesn't seem to be coming back, which saddens Curian greatly.

There's also an option to end the game right here.

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