Saturday 2 January 2016

Arkania: Curian

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

On the road to the Northwestern shore the party comes across Yasma Thinmasdotter (they like long names in this land) in one of the small town of Thoss. While she is happy to help the team with their quest, her treasure map piece had apparently been stolen by some wizard who lives in some mountainous ruins to the East. Unwilling to pursue that piece at the moment, the team makes a small detour to Vidsand since it's pretty close and they had another lead there: a lady named Ragna Firunjasdotter. She did have a piece, and was kind enough to simply hand it over.

A few uneventful days later the party found themselves at Overthorn where they finally found passage to Manrin, which is on the same island as Brendhil. Since the ship wasn't ready till morning they decided to kill some time at a local tavern. By pure chance, it is here they met the mage - Curian.

Being one member down, they accept!

While the boat ride to Manrin makes Shintar and Zubon quite sea sick, the land journey that follows to the fishing village of Thoss involves a small encounter with forest lions wherin Curian gets to show off his powerful level 9 magics. I should point out that the rest of the team is around level 2/3. While it seems he is quite overpowered with his spells the reverse is also true when he runs out of mana. :P

At Brendhil they find Tiomar Swaffildsson and thanks to Umbrik's letter, Tiomar not only gives them another map piece - he also shares more than a keg of ale with the party. Eventually Vayshen manages to pull the rest of the team out of their drunken stupor and back on the task at hand.

It's coming together.

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