Sunday 3 January 2016

Arkania: Distractions

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

On the road to Phexcaer, a flock of powerful Griffons appear and threaten to whisk Paeroka away as a snack unless the party can solve their riddle. Seriously, there was no option to fight as demonstrated when one effortlessly threw Zubon down a hill. Good thing they gave at least three attempts because I only got it on try number three. :P

I suppose winged lions would be bored enough to play riddles.

After killing a few more orcs they finally reached Phexcaer - the city of thieves, and boy is that appropriately named. With cut purses and charlatan healers and merchants it's amazing the party managed to retain their bag of 750 ducats. They are unable to find any of the leads in the maze like city and instead come into conflict with the forces of con-man cleric Ektor Gremob who unfortunately gets away, despite the party pursuing him to his local villa.

Tired of this terrible place, the team heads back to Thorwal - taking their frustrations out on some hapless orcs and an ogre who happened to be in their way. Upon their return they could finally lay Nerk to rest and recruit the dainty Silvan elf, Emmo Gamerchick to their cause. After listening to their tale she said she might have an idea where the ruins in the mountains were. Zubon wasn't paying attention as his thoughts wandered elsewhere...

Because not everything in Phexcaer was bad.

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