Sunday, 24 January 2016

Star Trail: Evil Twin

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

With Paeroka's condition getting worse the team rushes back down the mountain the way they came, heading right for the besieged city of Lowangen in hopes of finding a cure for her there. Wolfy notices that they are being followed by other parties as they cross the plains but there's a bigger threat ahead of them. The orc army camped outside the city was still there. Shintar tries using her challenge speech from last time, to "duel" their leader to the death, but it seems the orcs no longer follow that tradition and instead attack en masse!

Oops! Reload... :P

Using a calmer approach the team willingly submits to the orc army who are actually willing to let them into the city: for the simple price of all their gear. With no other alternatives the heroes strip once more and have most of their stuff taken away by the massed horde. The local shaman distrusts the few magical items they carry though so those are returned without issue. After the degradation of having a long naked walk up to the town gates with orcish laughter all around them, the team is let inside the city and are greeted by a crowd of people. One guy in particular looks pretty familiar.

Hmm, both options are actually true!

Antharon's corpse is quickly taken away by his brother, Gavron, who also proves to be a much better thief as he manages to swipe the Salamander Stone while doing so... AND gets away!? How hard is it to keep up with a guy carrying a dead guy? Sheesh.

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