Monday, 16 December 2013

Darklands: The Beast of Luveh

This is part of The Darklands story.

The group agrees to help Sir Diepold to track the dragon so the team scours the area for a few weeks, slaying a few starving wolves and two robber knights who refused to lend aid to combat the greater threat (Ravanel is now an expert at the getting invited in, then killing them while they are alone thing). They also meet the priest, Kaspar of Zollern who is also assisting Sir Diepold. Ironically the idiot priest seems to be the one who woke the beast up in the first place.

Speaking of Sir Diepold, the next the team sees of him is near a destroyed town - his squad is dead and he himself is near death, basically giving out a laundry list of items and tips on how to face the dragon. Luckily for him, Belghast manages to patch him up. Unfortunately for the team, the laundry list is pretty much full of items they don't have and can't afford. Stubborn merely shrugs it off.

While musing on this dilemma, Astalnar spots the dragon and hurriedly the team follows it back to its lair where it rests upon a mountain of treasure. It took supreme self-control for the party to then escape while evading a firey blast, knowing that they couldn't face this beast yet (because I tried ten times and always got a total party wipe). Instead they headed on to the nearby city of Koln and informed the local government of the beasts location. Surely they were not the only adventurers out there, someone else could handle it.

This totally did not happen. Ten times.

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