Friday 20 December 2013

Darklands: That Tarnhelm

This is part of The Darklands story.

Wenzel Linck and his cronies are no match for the team, and it is with high spirits that they continue their quest for the Tarnhelm supposedly nearby somewhere. Alas their spirits are dashed when a large mercenary bandit unit ambushes them and slays Ravanel before being defeated themselves. They try to take refuge at the nearby Altenberg Hamlet afterwards only to discover it is home to more satanists who try to murder them in their sleep!

The team succeeds in slaying them all, again with one giving a specific date and time for revenge which again the team ignores, instead setting the place on fire and going to their nearby evil altar which Jewel successfully dismantles through crafting. Or, reverse crafting in this case. They push on and soon come across an underground tomb where they find the fabled Tarnhelm!


While getting in was easy, getting out is a little more challenging as a whole bunch of skeletons spawn to block their path. Fortunately these are easily shattered by Belghast and Stubborn and they flee the scene as quickly as possible, setting their course directly back for Koln while the trumpets of the wild hunt began sounding ever closer with each passing night.

This still doesn't prevent the virtuous trio from saving a merchant caravan under attack by bandit scum. Their reward is a high quality bronze pistol - too bad none of them know how to use it... or have ammunition for it either.

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