Thursday, 12 December 2013

Darklands: The Source?

This is part of The Darklands story.

Back at the town of Goslar, Ravanel was tempted to simply call it quits but realized that by doing so meant her friends died in vain. Instead she decides to recruit a new party and given the recent mine closure it is easy to find a group ready for a more adventurous life. Joining her now are "Stubborn Sheep" a 35 year old labourer, "Astalnar the Sly" a 25 year old labourer with a larcenous past and "Belghast Aggronaut" a 30 year old labourer with some military background.

After purchasing some low quality gear from the local pawnshop with the remaining funds, the party decides to revisit the mines but find that the entrance has been blocked and they can no longer enter. Those firey Vulcar couldn't be natural though thought Ravanel, something must have summoned them. For a few days they scoured the nearby area, scaring off a pack of wolves by following Stubborn's advice of jumping and shouting and having to flee from some Schrat's (giant men) who wanted to mate with Ravanel.

That's how I read it anyway.

They even escorted some pilgrims to a nearby shrine of St. Mary before finally coming across a simple thatched hut with a blonde lady inside who ordered the party away. Ravanel thought this suspicious so the team advanced anyway and sure enough this woman turned out to be a Witch! After defeating her and her wolf minions they questioned her about her cabal and she said their next high sabbat would be on December 28, West of Aachen. Satisfied by this, Ravanel let her go and she disappeared into the forest, never to be seen again.

And by that I mean either the Schrats got her or Astalnar knifed her when no one was looking.