Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Darklands: Oh, look at the time

This is part of The Darklands story.

By the time the team reaches the site West of Aachen where they were trying to catch the witches high sabbat it is Febuary 3, two months too late (I only learned how to look at the calendar then) and were only welcomed by a pair of giant spiders instead. After dispatching them, an annoyed Ravanel decided to search for local work instead and got a task to kill the robber knight Wichmann Baldung in the North, joined by Schulz Wenzel (I didn't realize they had names). It is an easy job, Ravanel even manages to scare off Wichmann's lackeys with sinister threats since her speech ranking is getting pretty high.

Only when it works.

Back at Koln they got another job from a foreign trader to look for the magical helm of Siegried called the Tarnhelm last seen South of Leipzig, so without wasting a beat the party marched back East through the dragon's territory stopping only at a local tower they hadn't been to before. The peasants here wore faces of hardship and abuse and knowing that her old bishop friend wouldn't have stood for this Ravanel marched to the gate to demand an audience.

Surprisingly they were allowed in, and it became clear that the dread lord here was a bad guy. He even has the word "dread" in his title. Unlike the robber knights he doesn't let the team stay overnight though, instead kicking them out to the nearby forest for the evening. Undeterred the team scales the walls at midnight using Astalnar's dexterity and with Belghast and Stubborn's combined strength they manage to overpower the dread lord and his posse, ending his reign of terror. Violently.

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