Monday, 2 December 2013

Darklands: Rogues of Prenzlau

This is part of The Darklands story.

Walram's men fled upon seeing their leader's corpse, leaving Bishop Syp, Bhagpuss and Ravanel free reign on looting the castle. As they left Bhagpuss decided to set it on fire, since that's what he wanted to do from the beginning. They then travelled to the nearby city of Prenzlau where Bhagpuss said an old friend was staying. This friend was named "Jeromai Wolf", a veteran soldier or 30 years.

It was no surprise to him who set the fire.

Jeromai agreed to join them if they'd first help clear Prenzlau of the local thieves, a task the Bishop was more than happy to accommodate. Not long after dark they came across their first group, and Syp managed to simply persuade them to not be bad with his high speech skills. Unfortunately the second group did not speak Latin, and during the scuffle one managed to backstab Syp with his falchion, killing him instantly.

This only spurned on the remaining three in slaying those scum along with the next three groups they encountered that night, being joined by a young 20 year old night watchman recruit named "Lyle Grinder" as they wandered the streets. As the day broke they returned to the tavern to mend their wounds in silence. Directionless, Ravanel prayed for a sign as the old bishop had once taught her.

It was then that young Lyle Grinder spoke up, telling the others about a rumor he heard - troubles of a supernatural variety in the mines of Goslar. With renewed purpose the team sold the extra gear they looted from the previous evening and headed out to find this new adventure.


  1. Oh no! Our hero, bishop Syp! I get the feeling this whole trip isn't such a healthy undertaking after all! :O

    This has been an excellent read in between raid wipes, btw. :D