Thursday, 26 December 2013

Darklands: That was Unexpected

This is part of The Darklands story.

Jewel knew there was only one way to prove that evil sucked and that meant letting the cultists summon up their demon and then challenging it in the name of God. The winged beast accepted and flew right at the team with blinding speed (strangely the minotaur was faster) and though it was tough (HP wise) in a few minutes it lay broken and defeated on the ground as the heroes stood proudly over their defeated foe.

Well, shit.

Unlike the groups that follow the robber knights who flee once their leader is slain, these psycho cultists all attacked and suddenly the team was in combat in the midst all of them, with a high priest and a few witches to boot. The overwhelming numbers saw Jewel, Stubborn and Vagabond knocked out while Belghast was killed and sacrificed to satan.

When the other three awoke, the cultists were gone and they had been stripped of all worldly possessions. Hungry wolf familiars also came after them shortly after forcing them to flee into the swamp. While they eluded the dogs, they ran into a tatzelwurm (speedy lizard creature) that devoured Stubborn whole while Jewel and Vagabond escaped back to Gronnigen, visibly shaken by the experience.


  1. Just goes to show, the individual evil is bad, but the group following the evil is much worse. At this point the reload button would've been hit about 1000 times, but it seems like picking up new group members is easy, frequent, and they don't necessary come in "at level 1", which is great. I messed around with Darklands for a time, but that was ages ago. I've loved your playthrough of it. :)

    1. Definitely agree with the reload button - to play it properly you probably wouldn't want any of the -original- team to die but since I've played it that way before, I thought I'd try it this way which sure is making it a lot harder for me. >.<

      Also, write ups for the play through will continue for about a week more before I take a break. ;)