Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Grinding Gears of Warframe

Unlocking all the missions in this game is turning out to be an interesting challenge, especially the in the further reaches of the solar system. As you might expect, having better high level weaponry will assist you here but first you must have the required mastery rank to use such gear. To gain mastery you must level up your suit (the titular "warframe") and your weapons which both max out at level 30 after which you'll no longer gain anything from using them. If you wish to advance your affinity more, you need to use suits and weapons you previously have NOT levelled and since those are weak, you will most likely be staying away from the harder fringes of the mission paths unless you have a strong team to carry you.
The Gravidus Conflict was a good levelling experience.

I can see the merits of the system - not only does it slow down your progress from "finishing" everything but it also encourages you to keep trying out the various equipment the game has to offer. Anyhow, I've only just reached mastery rank 5 right now and the weapon blueprint I want to use requires rank 7+ (fluctuates with updates). This means my further exploration / unlocking is going to slow down a bit until I reach there. Rank 12 is currently the maximum mastery level if you were wondering. Not sure if I'll ever get there but I certainly enjoy the tests that you need to pass to move from rank to the next, not all of which are combat.

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