Wednesday, 18 December 2013

State of Decay

I got State of Decay as an early Christmas present and I must admit I've been playing it for weeks now. For those who don't know what it is, it's a zombie apocalypse survival game where in you form a ragtag band of survivors and try to eke out a continued existence while foraging for supplies and defending your base from the seemingly infinite undead. For the most part it is a very good game, and certainly has the best car to zombie physics/mechanics I've seen. Combat is simple and smooth (unless you get grabbed in which case it becomes button mashing) and there's even a low-level base building component that cater to those who are strategists.

You can and will need to swap between any survivor in your group as your people get hurt, sick, or more often - just tired and perform worse. Other able bodied survivors will go off and do their own thing as well, which usually results in you having to save them from stupidity and depression. There is a plot too supposedly, but for me I think it broke because no more storyline missions are appearing so that kinda blows. My biggest gripe however is that it is too easy. You will never lose people if you are patient, careful, never travel alone, and have a vehicle nearby.

 Probably still wouldn't want to do this though.

All that is fixed (for me) in the Breakdown DLC. The storyline goes out the window and it becomes a case of how long can you survive while "unlocking" achievements complete with larger spawns as you progress via RV from stage to stage. Yeah, the stages are still on the same map and you are never really pressured in advancing - until you run out of foragable supplies I suppose. Still on Stage 1 at the moment, preparing as much gear as I can. Just for kicks, I'll set a goal to reach stage 10 now - but I want to get all the unlocks on the way so we'll see how that goes. State of Decay: I give it eight out of ten zombie body parts. Definitely a good game, especially with the Breakdown DLC.

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