Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Darklands: The Mines of Goslar

This is part of The Darklands story.

The miners at the topside camp tell the party of their problems with the "knockers" or elves of the mine. Lothiriel translates that apparently elves means dwarves in this case. Anyway while these knockers have previously been benign and even beneficial they have lately began attacking the mining crews forcing them to stop all work. The party heads in to get to the bottom of this.

The first floor is a maze of mining tunnels filled with foreboding emptiness and the occasional groups of green dwarf men. They are all easily dispatched, and even two great stone guardians near the end of the floor are eventually brought down with good tactics and using the narrow terrain as an advantage. Ravanel in particular, is getting pretty good at sword play though not yet a match for her more martially inclined companions.

Flanking the Stones.

The team finally manages to speak to one of the dwarves at the end, and upon asking for an explanation of their actions the dwarf apologizes - saying that they were forced closer to the surface by the fiery "Vulcar". If the team could sort out the Vulcar problem, then the dwarves can go back home and the miners can get back to work. Lyle rolled his eyes upon hearing this.

It sounds like the start of a long chain, what's at the bottom - a balrog? Did the dwarves dig too deep? The team has only one option to find out.


  1. Calling it now... four people enter... one person leaves! :P

    Who will survive...

    1. It's like you can see the future! :P

    2. OMG Jeromai, I'm not sure if I dare read further!