Monday 6 November 2023

Pathfinder: Goblin Interrupted

[Part of the Party Time journal

While the local clerics get busy cleansing the taint we found beneath Sandpoint last session and helping Ameiko with funeral arrangements, the town council looks over the intel gathered from the glassworks and sends us to next take down the "head of the snake", leading the goblins at Thistletop. Reinforcements led by the recently returned sheriff will do a diversionary attack on the main goblin force elsewhere which should give us an opening... in theory.

And so, after a quick ride we find ourselves facing a maze of thistlethorn which is uncomfortable to crawl through - especially when we come across some random deep hole that drops into the sea. Whatever swims below roars and terrifies Ezren (Juris), but Valeros (me) manages to pin and quiet him until he calms down. This is a stealth assassination mission after all!

Unfortunately we are noticed by a goblin jedi with a flaming sword who quickly calls forth some goblin dogs (really big rats) and a big cat that knocks Valeros down upon arrival! While Ezren and Kyra (Rose) try out their new abilites of prismatic spray and spiritual weapon which truly handles the dog pack, Merisiel (mom) has great difficulty against the cat and makes use of an expensive health potion to stay alive.

Meanwhile, instead of getting up (and letting the jedi and cat get attacks of opportunity) Valeros decides to wrestle the goblin jedi (who misses his attack of opportunity) - and succeeds!? So for the entire combat, these two are just writhing around on the floor together with Valeros getting free punches in and the goblin not being able to do much at all due to his small stature. Eventually the animals are slain and Yoda surrenders (that's not his name, but it might as well be). In exchange for some information, Valeros decides to just chain him up and knock him out instead of killing him - much to the chagrin of his companions who seemingly all wanted to throw him down the sea hole.  

Alas Valeros is Neutral Good (Ezren and Kyra too actually) so I don't think that's something he would do. Besides Yoda's intel about the rope bridge trap leading to the island fortress proves true so Ezren reminds Valeros to temporarily stow his heavy armor in his bag of holding before crossing after Stolas (Ezren's owl familiar / switched from the premade Staff familiar) finds that the watch posts are manned by non-observant goblins. At this point real life got in the way so we had to stop the session there.

Decluttering Day 15: An old tray and a sticky toaster.

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