Wednesday 8 November 2023

Gemini Man and Heart of Stone

Two action movies with gun play.

Gemini Man

A retiring killer (played by Will Smith) is deemed a liability and is thus put as a target for the only person who can take him out: a younger clone of himself. There are some massive leaps over sharks in this story, starting from the opening scene and the plot is predictable enough but boy is it exciting. Plot dialogue is condensed into three or four sentences then its off to the next action sequence, many of which are quite decent. At least the ones at the start and the end, the middle ones suffer from comparative mundaneness due to lack of FX but despite all of that it had us glued to the screen. Thumbs up! Just remember to turn your brain off to fully enjoy the movie. :P

Heart of Stone

Gal Gadot stars in this very much girl power spy action thriller that involves a super clandestine group that polices the world using a highly advanced predictive AI to plot the best courses of action based on mathematical probability. I mean, if someone has a 78% chance to be a murderer why not kill them pre-emptively right? Alas that situation doesn't actually come up and while there are nice reveals in the story there are more than a few holes in the parachute of logic, albeit less than Gemini Man. Also, while the stunt segments are fast paced the fighting seems less so - especially hand to hand looking a bit... um, brawlish and slow. An alright movie, but one with many parts that you can look away and do something else.

Decluttering Day 17: Old credit card account statements (shredded first).

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