Tuesday 7 November 2023

The Walking Dead: Dead City and Daryl Dixon

While the main Walking Dead series is done and dusted, its off shoots are still shuffling around.

Dead City

Taking place years after the original series we find Maggie (Lauren Cohan) tracking down a most unusual ally, Negan, (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to save her son. For those who haven't seen the Walking Dead, rejoice - you don't really need to as the plot explores not just what's happening in zombie land but also the continuing tension between the two main characters. Alas, for those who have seen the original that part is a bit of a rehash at this point but it's the main draw for the show and works well. There's some new scenic locations for randomly spawning zombies to appear from and its genuinely entertaining enough to warrant a second season. Thumbs up! Hopefully they find a new song to play on their fiddle moving forward though.

Daryl Dixon

My favorite character gets title billing for his own spin-off!? Hell yeah! Through "a bunch of bad decisions" Daryl (Norman Reedus) finds himself in France because the only thing scarier than a zombie is a French zombie! Seriously though, this series introduces more variant deads and a lovely countryside to slay them in. That's cool and all but story wise Daryl survives many-a-time through epic luck and plot armor me thinks, while tasked with the worst possible plot combination: baby sitting and escorting a child somewhere far away. There are some nice call backs and interesting ideas being fostered here, and hopefully season two lets our main character have a bit more agency and more skill reliant than counting on miracles. Thumbs up again, but if I had to compare these two I'd say Dead City is currently the stronger show.

Decluttering Day 16: Unused bag hooks and an equally unused (possibly expired) foot care kit.

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