Saturday 4 November 2023

Beckham and Black Mirror

Two interesting series!


As someone who doesn't particularly follow soccer (outside of the fictional Blue Lock lol) or sports in general, I rolled my eyes when my wife suggested we watch this four episode documentary on the life of David Beckham. "Sure, let's watch the first ten minutes and if it's no good we can always switch to something else," was my reply. Turns out no switching was required as we were quickly hooked with the snappy editing interwoven with the interesting interview segments. It also helps that video evidence of the excellent physical feats told in here are shown to the audience as well. Definitely recommended simply because it's an entertaining story told in an engrossing way. Give it a try!

Black Mirror

People have been suggesting this currently six season anthology series to me for years now, and while each episode is stand alone with maybe a few Easter eggs that reference other episodes, all of them deal with future tech used for the wrong or unexpected reasons with equally wrong or unexpected (and usually bad) results. As with any anthology series some episodes are better than the others, but even the "worst" of these is still an interesting watch. I feel kind of silly only watching this now! Recommended!

Decluttering Day 13: Foldable shopping trolley which for the last 10+ years has just been storage for even more junk.

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