Friday 17 November 2023

Pathfinder: Thistletop

[Part of the Party Time journal

Having successfully snuck into the goblin's fortress Merisiel (mom) stealthily takes out the sleeping tower guards, who for some reason had a large bag of pickles, and the other pair of tower guards in a less stealthy fashion (we all help). Then, stealth really goes out the window when Valeros (me) blunders into the room of the goblin leader who quickly mounts his giant lizard and almost kills Ezren (Juris) in his first charge! Despite having four goblin allies in the room with him and six more that join from flanking positions they are absolutely smashed by Valeros' new cleave attack (if you hit first target, you can try hit second target) and Kyra's (Rose) flaming hands fire domain spell, as well as her summoned celestial eagle.

Ezren even manages to use his shock-prod (wand of shocking grasp) to wreck the goblin boss who flees out of the room once his allies are dead, but Stolas hoots a warning that he's just assembling more forces outside. The team rush to the door where four more goblins and their dogs/big rats are rallying and this hit them with another flaming hands plus an illusion (wand) from Ezren of a big dragon breathing said flame that sends only one of the goblins fleeing. In the melee that follows the goblin boss keeps trying to "drive by" slice at Valeros but keeps missing as his remaining allies quickly fall. He then decides to flee across the bridge but instead meets an arrow to his face which kills him (the big lizard mount escapes - hurray! The standee DL used for said lizard was too cute).

The kill-stealer is Sandpoint's scout and goblin hating ranger Shay (played by GM DL) who apparently also killed not only the fleeing goblin, but the tied up Yoda and a few others she found while tracking us here - offering her skills which we accept. After a quick room to room sweep we only find an angry warhorse "Shadowmist" who we calm down with the pickle bag and decide to rest up before taking stairs below. Good thing Valeros opted to keep watch as four more goblin dogs came during the nap but they weren't able to disturb Ezren's or Kyra's spell recovery. As we figure the poor horse has been through enough, we tell it to stay up in the yard while the party begins the descent.

Decluttering Day 26: A hideous mug.

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