Wednesday 12 October 2022

Oats, Tales + Robots

It's short story time with these three anthology series.

Oats Studios

Focused on disturbing stories, this one season compilation has some notable actors and a few stories that end with the viewer wanting more. Unfortunately most of them don't have this effect and are solidly in the "meh", or "is that it?" category. If you want to just cherry pick the best ones, I'd go with Firebase, God and Zygote.

Tales of the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead universe is no stranger to short stories and spin-offs, but these ones (season 1 only as of this writing) are quite decent budget wise and ok story wise, with a few taking a wildly different approach to the zombie apocalypse (and obviously "zombie show "actually means "drama about people"). Recommended to fans of the series but again if you are just cherry picking, the first two episodes are the best for me.

Love, Death + Robots

The most successful of these three which is now renewed for a fourth season, this creative and mostly sci-fi series (with additional ranges between comedy and horror) showcases some nice graphics and decent writing most of the time. There will be lots of episodes where you'll be wanting more... recommended!

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