Monday 17 October 2022

Warframe: Gauss and Sevagoth

The Flash and Space Ghost!


To earn this speedy frame you will need to do many rounds of disruption on Kappa, Sedna - a game mode that is a hearing test, speed test and DPS check all rolled into one. On the flip side, your odds of gaining the blueprints continually increase the longer you hang around so defend at least 20 conduits before exiting. It's also more fun and faster in a team. DL actually recorded a video of this very run!

Gauss himself is all about speed. Running fast gains battery power which in turn amplifies his abilities. Good luck trying to turn when sprinting though - there's a mechanic that he creates a small explosion if he hits a wall for a reason: he will be running into LOTS of walls! Running into enemies just bowls them over.

Other abilities include converting absorbed damage into energy, doing a mild AoE blast, and "redlining" which boosts his attack speed (even if its with a gun) and causing lightning arcs to shoot out at baddies while sprinting. Very fun to use, but also very whimsical. I would have considered keeping him around if his controls were better, but I guess I just can't handle the speed!


To get this space ghost you'll need a railjack as Sevagoth's main blue print comes from the Call of the Tempestarii quest, while the rest of his parts drop from void storms in the outer proximas of Empyrean space. Much like the Equinox he comes with two modes and seven different abilities, and also like the Equinox this doesn't make him very good.

Sevagoth's ghostly shadow is his main power, and if you get downed you can play as the ghost to try revive yourself by killing others (like Inaros in his coffin, but more mobile). Switching between the two forms without dying is one of the powers.

While in non-shadow Sevagoth can also plant seeds into enemies (eww), send his shadow out as a soul eating attack (and it hurts seeded enemies more), and create a zone that slows and life steals from nearby enemies - his most useful ability and one often subsumed into different frames.

In shadow mode you are limited to using Sevagoth's giant claws, so the powers are melee focused: bring enemies towards you, rush forward to slice through enemies, and wail to curse enemies to take more damage. Ultimately somewhat complicated to use but more importantly, not fun for me. Verdict: worm food.

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