Friday, 3 May 2019

The Cursed: Baeloth's Goodbye

[Part of the Cursed story line]

The final battle against Baeloth is super easy as the team is so high level (and fully prepared) at this point. Even with Catharina "silenced" (a spell that prevents casters from casting), it is an easy victory with the rakshasa being the most difficult opponent on the field.

Finally free of his geas, Najim the genie teleports the team out of there in thanks. It takes awhile for the squad to get their bearings before Catharina realizes that this is near her home of Candlekeep.

 Wish Najim could join the party!

They travel together in high spirits and reach there in no time, with the locals already asking her for mundane favors. However there also seem to be assassins lying in wait for her (all of whom are easily gibbed), and her step father Gorion quickly instructs her to prepare to leave again.

Insight: While you can "Game Over" in the Black Pits by having your main character at 0 HP when the fight ends, simple healing a downed main to 1 HP and ensuring you have the last man or woman standing secures victory - and when that happens Baeloth prevents any permanent deaths / revives downed party members.

This courtesy does not extend to his own fight. I accidentally went into it the first time still injured from the fire giant and he and the rakshasa wiped the party out with petrifies, power word kills, disintegrate etc. all of which are character removing "perma-deaths". After that game over defeat, I came in ready and the result was the story above.

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