Wednesday, 29 May 2019

The Cursed: Durlag's Cheese

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Good thing nothing respawned in Durlag's basement, so the team can continue where they stopped previously with Catharina using the skull trap nuke to eliminate all four doom guards in the guard chamber. Lu Lingqi then has to face tank a x10 fireball trap to the face to get a wardstone and only survives through severe potion use. This finally opens the stairs down.

The next floor opens with a perpetual explosion room but moving individually avoids any damage. They then find another adventuring team here (there was a way around the doom guards lol), and they join forces to slay greater wyverns guarding the bones of a large dragon. The other adventurers all die in the process.

After that are chambers of elemental guardians. The polar bear is easy enough, and Sir Erland can tank the air aspect. The phoenix guard fails his save against confusion making him easy pickings which leaves the fission slime the worst of the lot as it splits into two upon death. This is a problem solved by fireball.

Stupid rules only govern stupid people.

The team is then teleported to a giant chessboard complete with rules given by a mysterious voice. Catharina ignores this and just cloud kills, fire balls and skull traps the opposite end, wiping out all opposition without playing the game.

Insight: Enemies only aggro when they see you. Using AoE spells means you can blind fire and win without ever entering combat.

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