Thursday, 23 May 2019

The Cursed: Faceless City

[Part of the Cursed story line]

Only now do we finally reach the titular city.

Having lost yet another party member, the team heads to Baldur's Gate proper to look for new blood - but despite finding numerous thieves in random houses none are willing to join the group. Indeed, all they find is trouble when they find out an assassin has poisoned Catharina and she now only has 10 days to live! Good thing it wasn't one of those instant death poisons huh?

Knowing that timed-quests are a thing, the party focuses on city exploration and soon run into the Iron Throne head quarters where without hesitation, they launch a full assault. Instead of finding a cure, they find that most of the Iron Throne leadership has been replaced by doppelgangers and a greater one incinerates Faldorn before they are all slain. The druid barely survives and abandons the party to recover back in the Cloakwood.

This goes for the other merchant leagues in the city as well and it seems someone named Sarevok is to blame. Needing a drink from all this knowledge the party gets into a bar fight against a competing adventuring party whom they slay, which attracts the attention of the murderous Tiax - who asks to join. Since they've been looking for someone with his skills, they accept - much to Khalid and Quayle's disapproval.

Insight: Baldur's Gate is a huge city and some districts are divided by walls. The direction you take to enter those areas dictates which side of those walls you will appear.

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