Tuesday, 28 May 2019

The Cursed: Alphas

[Part of the Cursed story line]

The alpha wolfwere's fast regeneration is very problematic for the three remaining heroes so Catharina has to get creative with her spells, and is thankful she spent all that time at the Baldur's Gate library earlier. The solution is... Skull Trap.

These floating skulls explode like a fireball but do magic damage (magic missile) instead of fire. Also, they only detonate when something walks within range and most importantly, they persist for a long time if untriggered. Catharina stacks six of them which nukes the alpha as soon as Party Girl lures it into range. Somehow the baby it was carrying is fine though?

Not making this up.

Turns out the villagers are also lycanthropes, but of the opposite type: werewolves. Despite the party helping them out tremendously the scum still decide to kill them so they are eliminated instead as none of them are as powerful as the alpha wolfwere (which makes sense or they wouldn't have had a problem in the first place).

They also lied about not having a boat as one is found ready in a secret cove, they just didn't have the sea charts to navigate. Using this vessel, the trio returns to Ulgoth's Beard and discover the knowledge seeker is actually the alpha werewolf. He's nowhere near as trouble some though as he doesn't regenerate. A simple hold spell is enough to do him in.

Insight: Skull trap is the bomb, literally. Never pick to memorize fireball or lightning bolt over it as there are wands a plenty for those. Also while many enemies have elemental resistance not many have pure magic resistance. If you can hurt something with magic missile, you can hurt it with skull trap.

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