Tuesday, 21 May 2019

The Cursed: Durlag's Basement

[Part of the Cursed story line]

With the higher levels secure the team heads downstairs and finds a thief NPC who is leaving the grounds and basically acts as a EULA that the dungeon below is more than unfair. This doesn't stop the team from descending and being welcomed by a twin fireball trap! Fortunately Faldorn is pretty good at healing now.

Soon, they meet four ghost warders who each ask for a quest item before letting the team access the deep well down. While the ghasts and spiders on this floor aren't very dangerous, progress is terribly slow due to all the cheap traps but the team quickly learns to be on their toes around anything where there are already dead bodies.

Of course, upon giving the last quest item to the warders they all turn hostile and are walking cheat codes. One is a walking cloud kill generator for example. To defeat them, the team hides in an engine room while Party Girl, equipped with boots of speed, protective spells and lots of healing potions baits them into the "long hallway trap", easily spotted by the pile of bodies on either side of it.

It's called using the room to your advantage!

Her speed and buffs let her avoid most of the damage (I think it is lightning bolt x 6, fireball x 3) while the ghosts face tank the full blast... 3 times. Yep, she has to run laps before they are all destroyed.

Insight: A character moving fast enough evade lightning bolt traps as they are directional. Arrow traps and fireballs seem to be homing though, and no matter how fast you run you will get hit. Even through walls!

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