Tuesday 4 October 2016

Dark Souls: The Murderer

Tales from Dark Souls - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

I was pleased to find not just a bonfire in the first room I opened, but also my old comrade Solaire resting here. He's not the only knight here either as the place is crawling with the same type I trained against at the Berg (which is handy for me). I even save Ser Chubby from a room with five of them at one point, on my first try! Having pretty much the run of the place I explore it fully, finding Havel's armor, open shortcuts to the outside, find a friendly giant blacksmith, and make my way to the main hall for what could only be the boss battle.

Except one of the cracked orbs I carried shook in that hall, and using it I discovered that the murderer - Lautrec was nearby. Of course I went for him first! He and his two cronies were too much to handle though, especially since Lautrec's curved knives ignored my shield. So I did the only logical thing: I farmed souls, went back to Ser Sad, and purchased 47 black fire bombs. Yes, I exploded the hell out of Lautrec and his pals. I also retrieved the fire keeper's soul from his corpse.

The long stairways seemed designed for this!

Ser Sad was kind enough to inform me that I was doomed though, because even the mighty adventurers Big Hat and Iron Tarkus were defeated at Anor Londo. What!? Tarkuuuuus! Filled with righteous fury after Lautrec's defeat I then marched into the boss battle to find not one, but TWO enemies - whom I think have one of the best prebattle cutscenes so far. Smough the slow(ish) smasher and Ornstein the spry and still pretty powerful lancer. I don't think I got one of them below 90% life before they slaughtered me.

Impending death...

Rather than hit my head against this wall I figured I'd go do something else first. :P

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