Tuesday 11 October 2016

Skyrim: Lull-Mor

Adventures in Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

I guess this place is haunted...

The cyborg core tells us we need to reach the Wheels of Lull, which is accessible via a deep mine. Bandit refuses to enter due to her claustrophobia so I get her to guard outside while Sofia and I deal with the multitude of poltergeists within. Poltergeists that like to throw mine carts around, and join together to form a giant poltergeist! Sofia has some fun tearing that one into pieces.

I did have to help out a little.

Eventually we find elevators down to Lull-Mor, an technologically advanced outpost manned by more cyborgs: the Chronographers. Their leader, Numinar, is not so pleased to have us here but since there are problems with the other outposts he puts us to work on discovering who is behind these incursions. I'm surprised he doesn't ask the resident know it all, Medeliu Hammar, who is actually really interesting to talk to.

It's pretty cool that they offer to outfit us with guns, but since my bow is better I just purchase one for Sofia before heading out to investigate. And by investigate I mean put up some poles which discover that the Thalmor are behind all of Lull-Mor's problems. Numinar tasks me next to go undercover to the Bananas Thalmor experiment post to gather more data.

I am so calling them bananas now. :P

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