Monday 31 October 2016

Skyrim: Recovery Specialists

Adventures in Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

At the meeting Jarl Agnar decreed the fellowship would split in half to go for the two remaining keys. It was up to me to decide which group to accompany, so I joined Jarl Agnar and his monk ally to an old monastery which was now the main base for the remaining necromancers on the island, and boy did they have a lot of draugr death lords in there with them. Still, I sat back and let Agnar, the monk, Sofia and Fawadin do all the work until the last room.

Fawadin likes the Lull-Mor tech!

Six arch necromancers in one room was just far too dangerous so using Slow Time I rushed ahead and ended the fight before any of my allies fell. Just passed them was the key we were looking for, and upon returning to Amber Creek we discovered the other team was equally successful. The only problem was that the town itself had been attacked by Yngvarr's men and had taken Agnar's family hostage. A captured combatant spills the beans on where they were taken just before Agnar executes him anyway.

Our next job was simple: infiltrate the enemy fort and rescue Agnar's wife and kid. And all of us were going!

Yay for big parties! :P

Fortunately Agnar knew of a secret path in which made infiltration and finding the hostages pretty easy. While the rest of the team worked on the locked doors, Sofia, Fawadin and I took a look around and found Lieutenant Kolgrim on the roof. While the orc was busy bragging Fawadin pointed his gun at him and blew him away. On his corpse the key we found the key he had taken from Borvald which is a pretty good bonus.

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