Wednesday 5 October 2016

Skyrim: No Undeath

Adventures in Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

We found the necromancers gathering at Ravenscorn Spire and learned that their leader, Antioch, was setting out to become a lich! To do this, he required three things: an item from the arch mages grave, a priest of Arkay to sacrifice and a ritual to be performed at some hill at the Reach. We split up, taking one location each and after fighting a handful of underlings met up again upon our success at the snowy path to the Dragontail Mountains, where Antioch was waiting.

Let me warm you up, kitty!

The map led us to a mausoleum guarded by undead and more necromancers. Bo decided to guard the entry from any reinforcements while Sofia and I continued into the huge labyrinth that awaited below. There were lots of keys and secret doors to find in the dark so it took us awhile to clear it, but ultimately Antioch was a chump and the other resident Lich was easily put down by Sofia's blade.

I literally just stood by and watched.

With that done we regrouped with Bo and made our way to Winterhold to hand in the troublesome books of lichdom to the Mage College. While there we also found a newly built Shrine of Stendarr where the resident caretaker asked for body parts of vampires and daedras. That shouldn't be too bad since I like hoarding stuff from my kills... I mean... adventures. Bo also finds a note about the one month anniversary of some sunken ship, so we go visit the fantastically decorated Icebound Crypt and discover a ludicrous group of horkers set on slaying all of humanity.

We obviously put a stop to that.

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