Friday 7 October 2016

Skyrim: Secret Agent

Adventures in Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

After collecting the requested items for the Temple of Stendarr I am asked if I want to join their order. Given I've joined all the other groups so far I accept and am tasked with hunting an ex-member who turned into a werewolf as my "trial". We find him easy enough, and though he seems to be the amiable, loner sort I opt to kill the abomination anyway. For the greater good! The Stendarrites are pleased with this, and task me next with infiltrating the "Remnants of the Mythic Dawn" cult. Yep, the same ones that opened the Oblivion Gates.

Too bad he didn't beg for his miserable life. 
I would have killed him regardless.

To do this I'd need to leave all my gear, dress up like a warlock and make friends with a captive cultist they have in custody. Sure why not. Sofia also wants to do this, and cannot be talked out of it. Since being "imprisoned" with two bodyguards would probably be too much to believe, Bo leaves the party at this point and wishes us luck. She decides to head back to Elswyr to have adventures with Skullcat. I'm a little jealous.

Instead we get to crawl through this.

So, Sofia and I end up in prison with some random cultist guy. As planned we help him escape (through the shitter, literally) and since he is probably a moron, he decides to invite us to join his order. We accept! He then leads us on what appears to be a marathon across at least a fourth of the country and obviously we have to keep him alive in the process.

Iron knifing trolls. Ahh that takes me back.

There is a small benefit in that his path takes us near Riverwood, so I make a quick detour to recruit Bandit (Bo's battle sister) which seems natural to the cultist since she's basically just hired muscle.

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