Monday 24 October 2016

Dark Souls: It's a Trap!

Tales from Dark Souls - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Right after the fight against the centipede I find Solaire camped before a lake of lava. He is depressed that after all his questing he has not yet found "the Sun"? I tell him to keep his chin up and forge ahead into the melting ruins, avoiding the horrible half-dragon dinosaur things standing around. The lava walking ring might protect my health but it doesn't do much for my quickly deteriorating armor.

That's not a wall back there. That's just a lot of dino demons.

After smashing past a bunch of floaty, fire breathing demons most of my gear is wrecked by a multi-eyed octopus thing. I follow signs left by other players that supposedly lead to a shortcut but get distracted by a distant shiny and on my way to collect it the floor gives out from under me and I find myself in a room with tangled roots and a further pit into a lair full of those octopi. I manage to snipe a few of them before noticing Ser Chubby is down here too!

Only around this point do I actually learn how to -aim- with a bow.

Apparently the only way out is through the octopod lair and since I've saved Ser Chubby before he figures its time to repay the favor... he tells me to run past as fast as I can while he engages ALL of them. Before I can protest he lets out a roar and charges! I cover him as best I can with the bow but as more come from the deeper tunnels I hop down too to engage in melee. The swampy floor here is also poison, which means a fast battle is imperative.

Ser Chubby and I make a good team, and somehow we are both still standing at the end. He scolds me a little for going off plan and I tell him that he needs to go find his daughter. Since he is going to rest awhile to recover, I go on ahead to find that shortcut I was so rudely detoured from.

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