Saturday 29 October 2016

Skyrim: Robbing the Bandit

Adventures in Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

After dealing with the necromancers it was back to the campaign against the local bandits, who weren't bandits at all but soldiers of Lord Yngvarr. To my surprise Yngvarr was in Amber Creek upon our return, alone, and demanding that Jarl Agnar let him search for... something. Agnar basically told him to shove it and sent him off empty handed. The silly Jarl then dropped his brave act and turned to us, desperate to recruit allies for the upcoming war against Yngvarr. I figured that there was a much easier solution.

We caught up with Yngvarr, beat him up, and stripped him of his gear.
Fawadin then decided to wear his "anvil" armor.
As a bandit chief I thought Yngvarr would appreciate that.

Beating him up wasn't the same as stopping his army though, and just as we arrived at the neighboring town of Borvald it came under attack from his army and fell spectacularly fast which is surprising since the local citizens could actually go toe to toe with the invaders. I guess the non visible catapults firing the flaming boulders were simply too much.

Defeat by plot.

Escaping through the local crypt, we at least discovered what Yngvarr was after when we witnessed his orc Lieutenant, Kolgrim, take a strange keystone through a well placed window. That and he actually mentioned what Yngvarr was after. Something called "The Heart of the Gods". With that information we returned to Jarl Agnar at Amber Creek who assembled his "fellowship" to a meeting about this. Apparently the Heart is what keeps this land habitable and not totally frozen. Five keys were distributed long ago to protect any one person from accessing it.

There were still two keys out there.

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