Saturday, 19 April 2014

Sacred: Return to the Oasis

[Part of the Sacred Journey.]

With no reinforcements coming his way my next task was obviously to go to Prince Valor's aid personally at Wyvern's Pass so I took the nearby way gate to Porto Vallum to begin the long trek on foot there, but first I wanted to complete those tasks I picked up at the not so nearby oasis camp earlier on. Fortunately most of the foes in that part were also no longer hostile so I made good time despite being on foot to the halfway point of the small fort where I first met Prince Valor.

Guess what, he's still there! Perfect. I can warn him about not getting reinforcements... only I can't. He refuses to talk with me. Oh well! Continuing onto the oasis I still find myself out levelled by the orcs and their ogre allies of the region, but now at a more reasonable gap so I go about rescuing stupid settlers and scouts waiting to be recalled (oops, sorry for the long delay) to various degrees of success, as well as solving easy riddles in the desert and assisting in an on site evacuation of civilians from the oasis camp as undead hordes attacked the site.

During my travels I also come across a large orc city protected by big sandstone walls. The gatekeeper is the first orc willing to parley with me, saying that I'd have to make myself a friend to the orcs to gain entry, or to fight him because it's his job. Not willing to slay the first friendly orc I met, I decide to help them with the undead group threatening the city from the Southern dunes comprised of many skeletons, petrifying bone wizards, ghouls and D'Cay the Undead Dragon. It's a challenging fight and I am depleted of all my healing potions by the time I finally put down D'Cay herself. Bruised and battered I returned to the orc city hoping that the nameless gate guard would keep his word.

After I cleared undead that filled up half my screen.

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