Monday, 28 April 2014

Sacred: Burning Flame

[Part of the Sacred Journey.]

The element of Fire was next on the list (not optional) so I soon found myself and Speedy racing back into Wyvern Pass and deeper past the desert onto the ash plains, home to very strong fire based critters. My first encounter with a pack of fire demons, wyverns, gargoyles and exploding fire trolls was close to fatal since my armor is weakest against fire. Fortunately a nearby travelling merchant sold me enough potions to survive the mad dash to my underground destination, which turned out to be an underground city of dragon worshippers!

They were friendly enough and even had some freelance work for me in the form of finding missing chickens, collecting dragon scale from already dead dragons, saving people from the fiery wasteland outside, dealing with dragon hunters, and catching dragon egg thieves (that merchant I bought potions from on the way in). I also had to save a virgin sacrifice from the next caldera which was very tough, and I'm sad to report that Speedy got cooked in the process. I did gain a dragon scale shield though that had a chance of taking damage to my gold account instead of health. I figured that having over one million gold at this point it couldn't hurt.

Gold as HP might be an interesting mechanic!

After restocking on supplies I dashed across the caldera of Speedy's death using a new found utility skill "combat jump" which is very handy to ford those rivers of lava and monsters and into another underground lair, this time filled with hostile dragon worshippers and fire based foes until I came face to face with the Fire Dragon itself. Stupid thing is it never decided to breathe, opting for claw attacks throughout our battle which made it one of the easiest dragon fights so far. From it I took the element of Fire and like a thief dashed and jumped my way back across the caldera, through the now hostile underground city, and back out of Wyvern's pass.

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