Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Sacred: I Hate Drow

[Part of the Sacred Journey.]

The element of Earth was my next goal, but before reaching it came across Bravewall Village which was having some drow, spider, vandalism and poisoning issues which were all pretty easily solved. Once done I continued, sprinting past the many drow forces fighting the undead scum in the region, some of whom were mounted. I still managed to avoid most of the fights and saved some time by jumping up sheer cliff faces with combat jump until I finally reached their fortress mine.

This place was bloody huge, dark, and crawling with enemies and traps of the poison variety. Some of the drow also have that paralysation spell that I absolutely hate as it really slows everything down. Eventually I found and defeated their priestess and their medusa guardian, reached the bridges over the abyss and found the Element of Earth and reached level 30. This one paragraph represents hours of gameplay. >_<

Almost like this.

Thankfully there was a gate out to the entrance which saved me from having to navigate my way back out, so I immediately began making my way to the final element of water which was pretty close by which I got to by jumping down the mountain. Alas the entryway to the temple was flooded, and I was informed by the local NPC that I'd have to go back up the mountain to fiddle with the dam (which is accessible via more drow mines) to gain access to it. Peeved off at this turn of events I decided to make a detour to the nearby Highmarsh Village to restock and do tasks that don't involve those damnable drow for a bit.

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