Saturday, 12 April 2014

Sacred: Beginners Zone

[Part of the Sacred Journey.]

Since the character creation really comes down to picking one of eight uncustomizable people and all the males either looked silly or had professions I wasn't interested in I chose the most ludicrous of the females - the seraph. Beware her jiggly wrath!

Just with that "armor" she starts with +15% physical protect.

After awaking from a strange nightmare which involves a stupid necromancer losing control of his summoned demon, I found myself in a quaint little town with many people needing my help. It soon becomes apparent that this is the town of losers, as my tasks include finding a lost sister, lost cattle, lost children, lost fishing buddies, lost pay books, lost blacksmiths with lost swords, and to top it off I run into a lost seraphim, being held captive by some random thugs in a cave!

At least the rewards are worth it. In fact it's an interesting reward system, as not only do I get the random XP, gold, and gear, but also I sometimes get skill baubles which increase the potency of one of my many skills. Too bad I usually get ones I don't use though. I also increase my income by getting donations from the townsfolk (by raiding their house cupboards, chests and barrels). They don't complain about it, and neither do I as a "Diamond Sword of the Hero" fell out of someones cabinet.

To better match the picture above I also purchased a horse for a very low one thousand gold coins, which from memory is WAY cheaper than those in TESO. Having finished the tasks here, the guard captain gave me a letter of commendation to bring to Porto Vallum so that I might better serve someone named Prince Valor.

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